August 4 – Float Fishing on the Monocacy River

A few days ago I got an email from one of my blog readers who wanted a recommendation for a  2 to 3 hour kayak float fish on the Monocacy River. Here’s my response:

Hi Bill

               I would put in at Pinecliff Park just above the Monacacy Battlefield, and take out where the river crosses Finger Board Rd (Rt. 80). This is an easy streach of the river with minor rapids. At the take-out point on Rt. 80 there is a spot on the left hand side of the bridge going north to leave a car, and a fairly easy – slight incline – access out of the river. I found it to be no problem.
               This route – from Pinecliff Park to the Rt. 80 bridge – is a leasurely 3 hours on the river with time alloted for stopping and casting. Water is wadeable in many places so feel free to get out of the boat and cast; bring a lunch as there are many nice places to stop. 
               Along this stretch of the river there are many holes for large and small mouth bass, blue gill and sunfish; I’ve  even pulled a few catfish out of the river.
               As far as equipment goes, all you need is an ultra light rod and reel with 4 to 6 lb test line a few rapallas #CD03 silver, some spinner baits (Meps), and Jigs. If you are a fly fisherman, it is also an excellent river for a 4 to 6 wt. flyrod, poppers and wet flies.
              There is a picture of the put-in and kayakers on my blog post for Pinecliff Park.  Also, the water is fine right now, clear with a low-to medium level.
                                        Good Fishing!                               
                                        Vic Barothy

May 25 – Fishing Trip on the Monocacy

Monocacy River Canoe Map

My neighbor Rob and I headed out in a canoe on Memorial Day to do some fishing on the Monocacy River –  the strains of “Deliverance” notwithstanding!

We put-in at  Rt. 355 off the Monocacy River bridge (red star on map). It’s kind of a tough put-in, but it works ok for a canoe. After we got the canoe in, it was a leisurely four-and-a-half hour paddle to the second bridge at Lily Pons.

We worked the many different holes on both sides of the river with one of us casting and one of us paddling. Because of the rain we’ve had in Maryland this spring, the water is still murky. It was still a fantastic trip though, with 10 fish landed, and many strikes.

Both of us caught a catfish on a rapala. I didn’t know catfish took rapalas. We also caught quite a few smallmouth bass.

Catfish on the Monocacy

Catfish on the Monocacy




Rob with Catfish

Rob Myers with Catfish







Glad to see the smallmouth bass. They were small, but it’s early in the season, and their numbers bode well for a productive June, through September on the river.

The Monocacy is a fantastic river. But, the amount of old tires and other trash in it, broke my heart. All of us, as fishermen, need to take part in keeping our streams and rivers free from debris and pollution. My next Monocacy River expedition will be from the Lily Pons bridge to the Potomac River. Stay tuned.

Your comments and questions are more than welcome.

April 14 – Monocacy River

It was raining but I went out anyway to see the river conditions at one of my launch (canoe) areas on the Monocacy River, near Dickerson, Md. in Frederick, County. The water clarity was good. I threw a silver-sided rapala, and got one bite, but didn’t land anything.  I was surprised and pleased to see a clear trail that was both bike and hiker-friendly with easy access to the river.

By the way: I walked on over to the Monocacy Battlefield Park while I was in the neighborhood, and threw a couple of casts into the pond that was there. A park ranger appeared and told me that there was no fishing in the park, and that there were no fish in the pond anyway because of the algae. He was a good guy. More apologetic than anything else. It was raining by then. If anything, these guys are out there to take care of what we have. All of us, as conservationists, also have to take care of our ponds, our lakes and our streams.  

Monocacy River - April 2009

Monocacy River - April 2009

Monocacy Watershed Area

Monocacy Watershed Area